In order to facilitate development, transfer and Innovate low cost technologies under AISTDF, India and ASEAN agreed to institute a scheme "ASEAN-India Innovation Platform" (AIIP) to provide solutions to common problems of India and ASEAN for socio-economic development of India as well as ASEAN Region.

The ASEAN-India Innovation Platform has the following components:

  • Product/Technology/Industry Innovation (FICCI, New Delhi)
  • Research Innovation (coordinated by NRDC, New Delhi)
  • Social Innovation (coordinated by NIF, Ahmadabad)

This platform has been developed to encourage Innovation Exchange, Technology Transfer, Knowledge Sharing, and Trade Facilitation between India and ASEAN. The platform aims at bringing together all modes of facilitating trade and economic growth under one umbrella. AIIP will be made accessible to all innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups, business groups and other institutions to explore the possibilities between India and ASEAN to collaborate and work together for sustainability and economic security.